KM56 Productions

KM56... a name that has evolved over more than 25 years

KM56 Productions

About KM56 Productions

KM56 was inspired by a kilometer road marker location in Baja Sur Mexico where several significant and memorable experiences were staged. The location had limited services and no amenities. The KM56 team had to source and build everything from the ground up, providing staging, backline gear, lighting and decor. At the end of it all they thought, “If we can do this here, we can do anything anywhere.” And so, they do.

The KM56 Team is a diverse group of experienced perfectionists with a tenacious drive for excellence. From conception, to strategy and planning, to execution, the creative team demands from each other an untiring beyond-the-box attitude of success. KM56 Productions prides itself in unique scalable solutions to fit every need, every wish, and every budget. Each client is matched with a team member whose specific talents, experience and interests can best execute the project.

In every project, the goal is to elevate the moment for our clients. Their success determines ours.


KM56 Productions

KM56 Productions is led by founder and managing director Mark Azoff. Mark has worked in event production for over 30 years. Early on, his passion for music and travel made him the go-to guy for planning unique destination events and music productions. He recognized the niche opportunity to combine events, travel and music in an all-inclusive service company that provides experiences no other company can. KM56 was created to be that niche company.

Throughout his career, Mark has conceptualized multi-scale global event productions from intimate live music venues to international destination event incentive programs. Mark’s depth of knowledge and breadth of experience has given him a unique vision. Combined with his high energy, logistical expertise and superior ability to execute, Mark’s vision drives the success of KM56.