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Our Work / Testing Testing Testing

Testing Testing Testing

The Rock, County of San Diego

KM56 is working on behalf of Lab24 Inc., an FDA approved and CLIA certified large pathology laboratory running tests nationwide for private sectors and uninsured and underserved communities.

While the world as we knew it has changed, our need and desire to interact remains. We simply need to adapt to our new normals. As the world of large gathering events has been passed, partnering Lab24 & KM56 is our foray into new normals to bring our world back together.

  • Services Included
  • Developed Partner relationship in which to offer in community
  • Site selection / negotiations
  • Procurement of required tools in order to perform testing
  • Location design and layout for either walk up or drive through testing
  • Technician / Staff management & training
  • Insurance requirements and fulfillment
  • Specimen cataloging and delivery to Lab

We have traveled the entire world with our companies for more than 20 years with KM56 experiencing amazing and unique opportunities that would otherwise be unimaginable. Mark’s accomplished and extensive expertise transcends cultural challenges; he can do it anywhere in the world. The first one to lift and do the heavy lifting no matter the task, Mark and KM56 could not come with a higher recommendation.

Steve G / San Diego, CA